Dues and seminar

Hello all I hope your Holidays were great and fond memories were made. I would like to cover a couple of quick items beginning with dues.

Please get your dues in as soon as you can as i will be sending a check off to Terry Fleck by Feb 1st. Terry will get his payment regardless of our membership numbers.

Seminar will be an Idaho only event this year and is being held in the Twin Falls area. I will be receiving the itinerary within the next week and will post all relevant information on the website.

Lastly is the IPCA  sponsorship for any nominated team to attend seminar at a well discounted amount. please forward your nomination to my email of 2102@lewiscountyid.org for review.

Thank you and stay safe out there!


Presidents Update

I would like to thank All of the k9 teams,trainers and quarry that attended the combined spring seminar held in the Lewiston Clarkston area. It was a great week of training with an amazing turn out from both Idaho, and Washington State. I would like to speak about a few items that were covered in the IPCA meeting held on May 5th at 6:30 pm.

1) The IPCA has applied for a permanent 501 (c) 3 status

2) The IPCA will provide a subscription to the Terry Fleck website for each 50.00 membership paid on a yearly basis.

3) the IPCA will now provide a sponsorship program for Idaho teams that have been nominated for that sponsorship. It will include payment for the cost of all hotel and waive all seminar fee’s. A nomination form will be provided on the forms page of this site.

4) A challenge coin program will be started to acknowledge years of service in the K9 field.

5) The cap for seminar costs has been raised from 5000.00 to 7000.00.

6) Seminar costs have increased to 120.00 for attending teams.


This is six of the many items discussed at the meeting.

The location and hosting agency for the 2016 seminar has already been decided. The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office has stepped up and will hold the 2016 IPCA Seminar. I will continue to post with updates for hotel location and dates for the 2016 Seminar.

Forms have been updated for membership, seminar registration and we have added a waiver of liability form for all quarry participating in any IPCA event.

Thank you for your continued support,

Jason Davis

IPCA 2015 Meeting Agenda


 Idaho Police Canine Association                                  4 May, 2015- 6:30 pm


  1. Call Meeting to order
  2. Announcement of any changes or additions to the agenda
  3. Roll Call
  4. Approval of Minutes
  5. Welcome Members
  6. Presidents Report
    1. IRS Review ( no action required)
    2. 501©3 requirements ( no action required)
    3. Dues and membership review ( no action required)
    4. Financial review
  1. Comments and Questions
  2. Unfinished Business
    1. Web site
    2. Membership/ challenge coins
    3. Membership Benefit
  3. New Business
    1. Accountant retainer ( action required)
    2. IRS Fee for 501©3 ( action required)
    3. Terry Fleck membership ( action required)
    4. Team sponsorship ( action required)
    5. Dues and seminar rate increase ( action required)
    6. Consideration of Bi-law update ( no action required)
    7. Charitable suggestions (no action Required)
  4. Adjourn



2015 IPCA/ WSPCA Seminar Update

Hello everyone –


The combined Idaho and Washington K-9 seminar is just a week away. As of now, we have over 140 people participating. This includes K-9 teams and trainers from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Canada.

We are very excited and hope to see you soon. We just wanted to cover a few things prior to your arrival.

A lot of the scenarios will be outside and ticks are in full swing here, so please bring whatever tick prevention/care you have as a precaution. The weather looks to be great, but you may want to bring some rain gear just in case.

Narcotic/Bomb Teams –  bring a flashlight and any other equipment you may have ie harness.

Patrol teams – please bring 50 rounds for your duty handgun. Also bring ear and eye protection as well as your ballistic vest. Also bring a couple of flashlights.

Trainers – we will have a trainers meeting on Sunday May 3 at 1800 hours at the hotel. We will be taking the trainers out to the training sites that day as well, between 1500-1800 hours. So please be at the hotel early enough to take part in this. Training will promptly begin 0800 on Monday.

The banquet will be at 1800 hours on Wednesday May 6th. The Associations will be paying for your dinner; however, due to the large amount of participants, we will not be able to pay for any guests that you may bring. We are allowing 1 guest per participant, but you will be responsible for paying for their plate, which is 32 dollars and will be collected the night of the banquet. We have collected approximately 20,000 dollars in prizes, so come with some extra cash to spend on raffle tickets.

The trials will be Thursday May 7. Patrol teams will be at a local high school football field and the public will be coming to this. As much advertising we have been doing, we are expecting a good public turn out. We are asking patrol teams participating in the trials to bring some sort of uniform, identifying your agency. This can be a soft uniform, but something that shows you are a LE officer. WSPCA requires their teams to their wear full uniform during any training, so I would like the Idaho teams to do this during the trials only.  The trials will consist of obedience, obstacle, and scenario based exercises. This is the first time the WSPCA will be participating in trials, so we are trying to make a fun experience for everyone.

Narcotic and Bomb teams, your trials will be held at the Lewiston Police Department training center. This is also open to the public, but I suspect the majority of the public will be at the patrol trials.  We would also like you to wear some type of uniform identifying your agency. These trials will include building and area searches.

Any questions get ahold of me. We look forward to seeing everyone there.